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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Sealing Devices > Longitudinal Sealing Devices > Drum Sealing Units

Drum-sealing units

The ORION DRM Series drum sealing unit facilitates the formation of high quality longitudinal heat seals. 

Key features include:

  • Large 280mm diameter drum
  • Dual sealing jaws per sealing station, providing a massive 180 degrees of heat sealing path.
  • Jaw assemblies can be reassembled as either left-hand or right-hand units, allowing very close adjacent seals.
  • Multiple sealing jaw assemblies may be mounted
  • Central computer control and monitoring of all temperatures and operational parameters.
  • Visual and audible alarm system
  • A vast array of options, including:
    • multiple supplemental braked off-wind stations;
    • tape off-wind units;
    • lip folding accessories;
    • drum motor drive system;
    • and more.

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