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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Specialty Attachments

Specialty Attachments

ORION Electronic Equipment manufactures an incredibly broad range of specialty attachments.

Examples of such devices include:

Hot melt glue systems

Hot melt systems are used to apply hot-melt adhesives to the web during bag or sack production. Typical uses include:

  • Courier / mail-out bag release tape applications, including selective and indexed glue deposition.
  • Security satchels
  • Label and document attachment
  • General adhesive bonding

Printing facilities

Various printing technologies can be supplied, including:

  • Foil printers
  • Ink-jet printers
  • Compact flexographic stations
  • Bar code printing
  • Sequential number printing

Draw-tape device

The ORION Draw-tape attachment facilitates the production of plastic bags with two plastic straps sealed into the open end of the bag, which facilitates convenient filled bag closure.

Consignment note applicator

This device automatically attaches consignment notes to plastic web during courier bag production, with the aid of hot-melt adhesive.

Tape in-feed devices

Various types of tape in-feed devices are available, with features including:

  • Braking system
  • Tension control
  • Dancer mechanism
  • Fault sensors
  • Motor drive system

Accessory mounting frames

Various types of accessory mounting frames are available, with features including:

  • Dancer mechanisms
  • Tension controls
  • Motorized nip rollers
  • Web walk-over paths
  • Horizontal & vertical accessory mounting facilities
  • Intermittent & continuous web motion versions
  • Edge guide facilities
  • Web tracking guides

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