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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Rewinding Devices

Rewinding Devices

ORION Electronic Equipment manufactures a wide variety of rewinding equipment.

Available rewinder facilities include:

  • Integrated servo edge guides
  • Integrated tension control system
  • Broad range of rewind shaft options, including:
    • Air shafts
    • Cantilevered air shafts
    • Turreted air shafts
    • Cantilevered shafts
    • Removable shafts
    • Shaftless rewinding
  • Fully automatic shaftless rewinding, including core hopper.

Examples of such devices include:

RWDT Series Bag-On-Roll Turret Rewinder

ORION RWDT Series rewinders are feature rich machines, primarily designed to be used in conjunction with plastic bag-making machinery to facilitate the production of bag-on-roll products.

Salient features of these machines include:

  • Tensionless loop-type web in-feed system, thereby avoiding seal stretch.
  • AC servo driven primary in-feed nip roller system, which is pneumatically engaged.
  • Multiple operational modes:
    • Loop-Mode for tension free in-feed, thereby preventing seal stretch
    • Dancer-Mode for general applications
    • Draw-Mode for stand-alone re-reeling applications
  • Precise, adjustable tension control system, with pressurized dancer mechanism.
  • Servo-driven ultrasonic edge guide system, for precise web edge control.
  • Turret-driven, cantilevered airshafts for maximum operational efficiency.
  • Flexible turret activation facility, including triggering by:
    • rewound roll bag count
    • rewound roll metreage
    • external electronic signal
    • manual instigation
  • Programmable logical turret positions.
  • Comprehensive fault diagnostic and status monitoring system.
  • Alarm system
  • Menu driven operator control panel
  • Broad range of available options, including:
    • Fully automatic web transfer
    • Web cut-off facility for non-perforated web re-reeling applications

RW Series Bag-On-Roll Rewinder

ORION RW Series rewinders economically facilitate the production of bag-on-roll products with conventional plastic bag making machinery.

Salient features of these machines include:

  • Tensionless loop-type web in-feed system, thereby avoiding seal stretch.
  • Motor driven primary in-feed nip roller system
  • Adjustable rewinding tension
  • Dual fixed rewinding shafts
  • Variety of rewind shaft options
  • Castor mounted for easy relocation

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