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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Off-wind Devices

Off-wind Devices

Off-wind devices provide web stock roll handling. Many configurations can be supplied.

Examples of our off-wind devices include:

  • Shaftless off-wind devices
  • Jumbo stock roll handling systems
  • Specialty off-wind devices
  • and the following:

POW Series Surface Off-wind

This device is a free standing unit that incorporates several in-feed functions into one compact and convenient machine. Features of this device include:

  • Hydraulic stock roll lifting mechanism. This allows the operator to lift stock rolls from the floor without physical exertion, and without the aid of a second person.
  • Power surface off-wind driven by regenerative AC motor. This ensures smooth stock roll accelerations without over-run, and eliminates web scratches that can result from braking straps.
  • All-electric servo edge guide mechanism. This facility automatically controls the web edge position as it is fed into the bag-making line. Various sensor technologies can be utilized, including ultrasonic edge sensors and CCD line sensors.
  • Pneumatically loaded dancer assembly, complete with adjustable pressure regulator and gauge. This precisely controls the web tension leaving the unit and ensures that the stock roll only experiences smooth accelerations. 
  • Warning alarm system, including low stock roll detection.
  • Maximum stock roll diameter of 1000mm (larger by option)
  • Maximum stock roll weight of 950kg (heavier by option)

EG Series

EG Series free standing servo edge guided off-wind stands

This device is a free standing single station off-wind incorporating a servo driven edge guide facility.

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