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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Sealing Devices > Lateral (Cross) Sealing Devices

Lateral (Cross) Sealing Devices

These devices mount to a parent bag machine’s intermittent-motion web zone and facilitate supplemental cross-web seals.

Examples of such devices include:

  • LHS Series servo lateral sealing head. Features include:
    • AC servo driven, synchronously with parent bag machine.
    • Twin-seal or single-seal capable
    • Top and bottom water-chilled impulse-type temperature control
    • Seals are cooled prior to jaws opening
    • Adjustable sealing pressure via pressure regulator with gauge
    • Very high performance
  • Pneumatic lateral sealing heads
  • Single & dual heat models
  • Nichrome & permanent heat models
  • Pouch sealing & cooling systems

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