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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Perforating Devices > In-Line Lateral Perforating Devices

In-Line Lateral Perforating Devices

These devices are designed to laterally perforate a moving web, and are typically used in-line with film extrusion lines.

Examples of in-line cross-web perforating devices include:

ILP Series Pneumatic In-Line Perforator

The ORION ILP Series Pneumatic In-Line Perforator facilitates the use of intermittent web zone type web processing accessories in-line with a blown film extrusion line. Such typical accessories include hole punch banks and lateral web perforators.

Salient features include:

  • Centrally pivoted ultra-light dancer mechanism, including adjustable pneumatic bias.
  • Pneumatically actuated web stopping system.
  • Long accessory mounting zone.
  • Shaft encoder based web movement sensor.
  • Computerized control system, incorporating:
    • Digital control panel, including display and keyboard.
    • Multiple accessory actuation outputs, with independent dwell and position settings.
    • Sophisticated skip control system, facilitating complex accessory actuation sequences, where different accessories are triggered at different positions along the web.
    • Fault diagnostic system, with warning strobe and siren.
  • V-castor mounted, simplifying repositioning between extrusion lines.

Typical accessories include:

  • Hole punches
  • Handle punches
  • Lateral web perforators
  • Printing equipment
  • Localized web sealing devices
  • Reinforcement patch sealing devices

ILPS Series Servo Actuated In-Line Perforator

  • Conceptually similar to ILP Series
  • Utilizes an AC servo driven nip roller based web stoppage mechanism
  • Smoother operation
  • Higher performance

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