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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Machines > Specialty Bag Making Machinery > Overlap Sealing Sack Line (OVP Series)

Overlap Sealing Sack Line (OVP Series)

The ORION OVP Series Overlap Sealed Sack Line facilitates the production of bottom-sealed bags and sacks from a single in-fed web sheet, thereby facilitating the production of very strong fully printed bags.

The line provides an unrivalled solution for the manufacture of overlap sealed bags, and has become the industry’s preferred solution. Areas of significant superiority include: 

  • The processing of low slip webs
  • Significantly lower web tensions throughout the production process
  • Geometrically correct longitudinal seal repositioning capability
  • Superior in-feed web handling and control, and the capacity to handle very large stock rolls.
  • Elimination of web creasing altogether, following post gusseting, even on very heavy gauge films with low slip films.
  • Broad range of accessories such as K-sealer and patch sealer attachments, which are available in both servo and pneumatic versions.
  • Bottom seal cooling mechanism to combat inter-bag stickiness. This is vitally important during very heavy gauge sack production.

Salient features of this equipment include:

  • Four independently tension controlled web zones
  • Five+ AC servo axes
  • Full computer control
  • Longitudinal seal rotation facility, with digital setting, to hide the longitudinal seal in the side-gusset
  • Post gusset former system, with integrated, pressurised turning bar system
  • Unique and indispensable techniques employed to prevent web creasing following side gusset formations.
  • Longitudinal and lateral seal cooling facilities
  • Automatic finished bag bundle separation without pausing production

Available options include:

  • Side gusset presealer
  • Patch sealers
  • K sealers & coolers
  • Broad range of punching devices
  • Bottom seal cooling facilities
  • Robotic finished sack handling

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