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ORION SDT Series Universal Plastic Bag-Making Machines

The universal nature of this highly configurable machine series permits the production of a very broad range of products, including side-sealed and bottom-sealed plastic bags. The result of over four decades of refinement, exacting standards of quality, performance and versatility are realized. Changeover time between side-seal and bottom-seal is in the order of five minutes.

Applications include:

  • Side seal
  • Bottom seal
  • Twin seal
  • Bag-on-roll
  • Suitable for LD / HD / PP / & others
  • Single- & twin-track models
  • Custom solutions, which are aided by a highly configurable design.

The SDT series universal plastic bag-making machine has been designed with the latest technological advances in mind, to provide the highest production speeds, whilst at the same time minimising maintenance requirements, and incorporates the most advanced control system available in a plastic bag-making machine.

Independent control of cycle rate and sealing time, fully automatic machine set-up from any of 100,000 user configurable recipes, on-the-fly adjustability of all operational parameters, swivel mounted solid glass touch screen user interface and servo controlled bag stacking facilities are just some of the features of these exciting high performance machines.

AC motors are used exclusively throughout the machine, with full fault diagnostic facilities and automatic shutdown in the event of a fault. Solid state switching of all cycle related functions, exclusive use of timing belt drives, a lubrication free pneumatic system and extensive use of sealed bearings guarantee negligible maintenance requirements. Wearing components in the machine have been kept to a bear minimum. A precision sealing head mechanism featuring a cam-follower free design further adds to the durability of the machine.

A sampling of the machine’s many features include:

  • AC servo driven feed rollers (front and back)
  • AC servo driven sealing head
  • AC servo driven flying knife, for clean bag cut-off
  • AC servo driven bag stacker, for the neat stacking of both long bottom-sealed and high speed side-sealed bags
  • Fully integrated computer control system
  • Solid glass touch screen user interface
  • All operational parameters adjustable on-the-fly
  • Automatic machine setup via recipe system (100,000 recipes)
  • Job data bank
  • Operational status monitoring system featuring audible and visual alarms. Warnings include, for example, sealing head temperature out of tolerance, print registration lost and film run-out.
  • Digitally temperature controlled upper and lower sealing heads for faster and higher quality seals
  • Upper sealing head automatically, pneumatically retracts when machine stops
  • Sealing time and cycle rate can be independently adjusted via touch screen
  • Profiled bag pick-off from sealing station
  • Narrow machine side frames for easy web access
  • Long accessory mounting rails, extending over both continuous and intermittent web zones, for the rack mounting of attachments. Shorter and longer rails are optionally available
  • All operator controls are located on one side of the machine
  • Multiple feed roller pressure setting zones, for greater web control.
  • Interlocked feed rollers for accurate web draw length
  • Air jet system to assist with the delivery of bags through the sealing station
  • Programmable film retract system
  • Print registration system for the production of printed bags, with multiple-colour teach-in type registration scanner
  • Five minute changeover time between side-seal, bottom-seal, twin-seal and bag-on-roll production
  • Programmable machine fault responses, such as automatic machine stop, or else warning indication only.
  • Latest technology, resistively coupled, shock-less static elimination system
  • Fully interlocked machine safety guarding and emergency stop systems
  • On-the-fly print position adjustment
  • Programmable skip facility
  • Batching capability
  • AC regenerative off-wind system
  • Pneumatically loaded dancer bar system

Technical data:

Standard web processing widths: 700, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000mm
Min. web draw length: 80mm
Max. web draw length: 3000mm (longer by option)
Max. mechanical cycle rate (side-seal): 300 cycles/minute
Max. mechanical cycle rate (bottom-seal): 250 cycles/minute

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