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ORION SDB Series Bottom-Seal Plastic Bag-Making Machines

Utilizing a combination of latest servo technologies and innovative design, the ORION SDB series bottom-seal plastic bag-making machines neatly clamp bags into bundles during production, at exception production rates.

A beautiful and technologically innovative machine.
Why consider any other?

Salient features include:

  • Four AC servo axes for ultra-high performance, these being for film feed rollers, sealing head, flying knife & bag clamp.
  • Sealing time is independently controllable with respect to cycle rate.
  • Innovative low impact adaptive sealing jaw technology
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Digitally temperature controlled upper and lower sealing jaws, utilizing ribbon type heating elements.
  • Cam-free design
  • Fully computer controlled, complete with: sophisticated machine status and fault diagnostic system; large solid glass touch-screen based user interface and data entry keyboard; and automatic machine setup recipe system, with 100,000 recipe capacity.
  • Maximum machine cycle speed of 160 cycles per minute on the SDB1200 model. Faster cycle rates apply to narrower models.
  • Highest quality components are utilised in the machine’s construction.
  • Huge range of customizations available to facilitate virtually any bottom-seal application, including bag-on-roll production.
  • Changeover to bag-on-roll production is simply effected with a single touch-screen button
  • Integrated high speed bag-bundle index conveyor, including bundle restraint system.

Technical data:

Standard web processing widths: 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000mm
Max. web draw length: 3000mm (longer as option)
Max. mechanical cycle rate (1200mm model): 160 cycles/minute

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