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ORION SBR Series Bottom-Seal Plastic Bag-Making Machines

The ORION SBR series bottom-seal plastic bag-making machine has been designed as an economically priced machine that also provides programmable sealing time. State-of-the-art technologies are incorporated in a judicious manner to ensure high production rates and long term durability.

Salient features include:

  • Suitable for both in-line and out-of-line operation
  • Configurable for bag-on-roll or loose bag production.
  • AC servo driven feed roller (front & back)
  • Lateral web perforator incorporated into sealing head
  • Pneumatically actuated bottom-seal head, with optional integrated twin-seal facility.
  • Upper and lower sealing jaws with microprocessor based temperature control, incorporating auto-tuning facility.
  • Cam-free design
  • Skip facility provided to allow for multiple draw-length bags
  • Totalising and batch count facilities
  • Interrupt facility with programmable interrupt time
  • Digital operator control panel, including keypad and display.
  • Long accessory rails fitted that allow for the mounting of both intermittent motion web zone and continuous motion web zone accessories
  • Air jets system for film feed-out incorporating top and bottom flow controls and duration timer, all of which can be set on the fly.
  • Pneumatically loaded feed roller pressure settings with pressure regulators
  • AC motors used exclusively throughout machine, complete with full fault diagnosing facilities and automatic shut-down.
  • Pneumatically loaded dancer system with adjustable pressure regulator and gauge to set web tension.
  • Tensionless loop-type rewinding facility, complete with two independently driven take-up shafts (bag-on-roll configuration).
  • Highly configurable design, with many customizations available.

Technical data:

Standard web processing widths: 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000mm
Max. web draw length: Unlimited
Max. mechanical cycle rate: 140 cycles/minute (model dependent)

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