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Products > Plastic Bag-Making Accessories > Punching Devices > Handle Punches

Handle Punches

These devices are used for the automatics cut-out of handle holes during carry bag production.

Various models are available, including:

HHP-EJ-U-Servo Series Clean-Cut Handle Punch

Utilising AC servo technology, together with our innovative punching technology, the ORION HHP-EJ-U-Servo clean-cut handle punch facilitates the production of very clean handle cut-outs at high cycle rates. Suitable for a broad range of materials and film gauges, the unit is also suitable for both side-sealed and bottom-sealed bag production.

Salient features include:

  • AC servo actuation for high speed and long term reliability
  • Very clean handle cut-outs
  • ORIONís innovative scrap ejection system for unparalleled consistency
  • Suitable for side-seal & bottom-seal
  • Linear ball bushings for ease of lateral displacement
  • Full safety guarding, with interlock system
  • Digital parameter setup via control screen, including numerous software related functionalities.

SHP-S Servo Serrated Handle Punch

Utilizing AC servo technology, the ORION SHP Series Servo Serrated Handle Punch facilitates the high speed punching of handle holes at the intermittent web zone of a suitable parent side-seal plastic bag-making machine.

Key features include:

  • AC servo actuation.
  • Very high performance.
  • Very smooth operation.
  • Close fitting web clamp for cleaner holes.
  • Serrated cutting blade, ensuring ease of bag opening and imple maintenance.
  • Full safety guarding.

SHP-P Pneumatic Serrated Handle Punch

SHP serrated handle punch. This economically priced device provides high performance handle punching, utilizing a serrated blade for cutting. The unit is suitable for both side-seal and bottom-seal bag production.

Zero-clearance punch and die handle punches

Zero-clearance punch and die handle punches

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