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Centre Folding Devices

Centre folders facilitate the continuous longitudinal folding of an in-fed sheet. A wide variety of such devices are available, together with a multitude of related accessories to facilitate specialised bag production.

Types and options for centre folders include:

  • Optional tip-type bottom gusset former, complete with full hand wheel adjustments
  • Single or dual lip folders, with optional longitudinal or rotary sealer/s
  • Electric lateral adjustability of centre folder
  • In-Line Centre Folders.
    • Whereas conventional centre folders necessitate the mounting of the film roll to be at 90 degrees relative to the ultimate direction of web processing, in-line centre folders allow the film roll to be mounted directly behind the production line. Features of these devices include:
      • Floor space minimisation
      • Integrated, servo edge guided air cushioned turning bar
      • Hand wheel adjustability of out-feed nip rollers separation and translatio
    • Both horizontally oriented and vertically oriented configurations can be supplied.
      • Horizontally oriented in-line centre folders are invaluable for the processing of heavy gauge films and laminates because the out-fed centre-folded web horizontally exits the folder.  Consequently, the web does not traverse around any rollers, avoiding crease formation.
      • Vertically oriented in-line centre folders maximise the available space for subsequent special purpose attachments.

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